Inline type

strainer type

FL series

Maximum working pressure:1MPa

JIS flange type strainer



  • This is a disc strainer built into a JIS10K flange.
  • Since it can be installed by simply inserting it between JIS10K type flanges, filtering can be achieved without increasing the space of existing piping.
  • The handle attached to the flange makes it easy to hang the flange with one hand during maintenance.
  • There are 7 types of diameters from 15A to 65A, and the lineup includes iron and stainless steel materials.
  • The strainer is sealed with an O-ring for high filtering accuracy.
  • FKM, CR, and EPDM are available as optional sealing materials in addition to the standard NBR.


Fluid used Water, oil, etc.
Maximum working pressure 1MPa


Body: SUS304/SS400
Element: SUS304
Seal: NBR / Viton / EPDM



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