Inline type

sanitary type

EMF series

Maximum working pressure:1MPa

Easy clean filter


*Precautions for use
Before replacing the element, release the residual pressure inside the case.


  • Switch between “discharge” and “filtration” modes by opening and closing the lower valve.
  • Efficiently removes internal contaminants by switching the flow direction.
  • Clamp piping allows for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • Suitable for a wide range of fluids and temperatures.


Filter specifications

Fluid used Fluids that do not corrode SUS304, such as water and oil
Maximum working pressure 1MPa
Operating temperature NBR 0℃~80℃
FKM (Byton) 5℃~140℃
EPDM 5℃~120℃
PTFE 5℃~150℃
Silicon 0℃~100℃


Wetted parts material: SUS304 PTFE (valve packing)


Blueprint of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product

Blueprint of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product

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