Inline type

sanitary type

ACF series

Maximum working pressure:1MPa

Automatic cleaning filter


*Precautions for use

Before replacing the element, release the residual pressure inside the case.
Please consult us as it may not be suitable for fluids with particularly high viscosity.


  • Contaminants captured by the inner mesh are discharged with a valve.
  • Two-stage filtration structure extends filter life.
  • The progress of clogging is detected by a differential pressure sensor.
  • Easy management with optional controller.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean parts.


Filter specifications

Fluid used Fluids that do not corrode SUS304/SUS316, such as water and oil
Maximum working pressure 1MPa
Operating temperature (with sensor) -20℃~90℃(No condensation)
Operating temperature (without sensor) NBR -20~120℃
FKM (Byton) 0~150℃
EPDM -20~120℃
FFKM(Perflo) 0~150℃


Wetted parts material:SUS304/SUS316


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