Inline type

UF series

Maximum working pressure:7MPa *Varies depending on the type

Union type small line filter


*Precautions for use
●Do not use at pressures exceeding the maximum working pressure.
●Do not use outside the operating temperature range. This will damage the sealing material and cause leakage.

Precautions when installing elements
●Insert it into the O-ring inner diameter from the R-shaped side of the element (with the attachment/detachment screw facing you).
●Be careful not to over-tighten the attachment/detachment bolt. The screen may become deformed.


  • Constructed of a stainless steel body and screen, it can be used with various fluids.
  • Very small size allows for space savings. In particular, since it occupies a small space in the radial direction, it can be installed in piping lines that often interfere with each other, and can be retrofitted to existing lines.
  • Easy maintenance. It can be disassembled in the same way as a union joint, the element can be easily removed, and it can be reused after cleaning.
  • Since it is made of stainless steel, it can be used with various fluids by selecting the seal material.


Model code UF-01~04 UF-06~08
Maximum working pressure 7MPa 2MPa
Operating temperature range -20℃~+80℃(Viton -20℃~+180℃)


Main body/element: SUS304
Seal: NBR / Viton / EPDM



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