Inline type

AF series

Maximum working pressure:0.7MPa

Filter for push-in fittings



  • The filter element can be easily attached and detached by simply disconnecting the hose from the one-touch fitting, greatly reducing the time, labor, and cost required to replace and clean the filter element.
  • Realizes extremely compact and space-saving filtering.


Model code AF-12 AF-10
Applicable fluid Air Water
Operating temperature range Air -15 to 60℃ (no freezing)
Water 5-40℃
Working pressure 0.7MPa


Maximum working pressure (Mpa)

Operating temperature AF-10 AF-12
20℃ 0.7 0.6
30℃ 0.63 0.54
40℃ 0.56 0.48
50℃ 0.49 0.42
60℃ 0.44 0.38


Wetted parts material: text
Filter: SUS304
Tube: FEP (fluororesin)
Fittings: Resin/Brass


Design drawing of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product Design drawing of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product

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