Inline type

LE series

Maximum working pressure:20.6MPa

Block type small high pressure filter


*Precautions for use
●Do not attach or detach under pressure.
●Do not use at pressures exceeding the maximum working pressure.
●Do not use outside the operating temperature range.


  • A small, block-type high-pressure filter that supports hydraulic and water pressures with a maximum operating pressure of 20.6 MPa.
  • Equipped with a built-in cylindrical filter element that is small yet secures a filtration area, and maintenance of the element can be performed with a single hex wrench.
  • The indicator type detects and displays clogging of the element.


Fluid used Water/Oil
Maximum working pressure 20.6MPa
Fluid temperature range -20℃~+100℃


本体・エレメント:SS400 / SUS304
シール:NBR / バイトン / EPDM


Design drawing of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product Design drawing of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product

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