Inline type

LC series

Maximum working pressure:1MPa

Quick maintenance small filter


*Precautions for use
●Be sure to attach and detach the product when there is no residual pressure.
●If there is residual pressure, be sure to loosen the drain bolt to release the residual pressure before attaching or detaching.
●Do not attach or detach under pressure.
●Do not use at pressures exceeding the maximum working pressure.
●Do not use outside the operating temperature range.


  • A small stainless steel line filter that allows element maintenance with one-touch operation without tools.
  • The filter element can be removed by simply sliding the sleeve on the outside of the casing and pulling out the head.


Applicable fluid Water/Oil
Maximum working pressure 1MPa
Fluid/temperature range NBR -20℃~+80℃
Biton -20℃~+150℃


Main body/element: SUS304
Seal: NBR / Viton / EPDM


Blueprint of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product Blueprint of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.'s product


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